IT Introduction

I am devoted to DevOps, Kubernetes, Webeditingu (HTML,PHP), Management of AzureDevOps clouds, Amazon Web services, FORPSI Cloud, IT, making your site, SEO optimalizaci, grafice, as a hobby, everything I describe here belongs to my interests, I do not offer services here, these pages only serve as a portfolio of what I am interested in and serve as an attachment to my CV.

It also includes the marshaling of Internet commerce in comparative goods (so., zboží.cz etc)

Optimizing for comparative goods are an integral part of your KNOW-HOW

I programmed for you online store and feed for comparative prices on peace.

It is primarily the creation of Web pages and presentations to create Internet shops in CMS systems or in HTML.

I will suggest the best flavor and taste to your site so that customers make the most addressed.

I deal with IT and network management : network settings, whether it is a rack (CISCO routers, etc.. Camera setting records Infrastructure) or simple network booting via Lan or Wifi, network configuration (DHCP, DNS, ROLLING, VAN) and network security.

Reinstalace OS ( any OS such as : Win xp, 7,8,10, Win server, Linux, Debian, Fedora)

Setup and configuration.

Data recording and management of MySQL databases and editing privileges in the distributions of Linux and Win.

Remote Assistance and Administration, It is generally solved through (VNC viewer or Teamviewer).

A very important part of the site is SEO of English name (Search Engine Optimalization) making your website visibility in search engines so that you people (customers) and saw this to increase your sales.

The proposal keyword for the full text to search engines and also doing well Keyword PPC (paid advertising paid advertising drip =) campaign, adwords.

Importance of PPC Campaign It is that it is paid for clicks on the keywords or ad banners at the expense of your investments.

An example of the so-called. When you invest CZK 2000 = 2000 Display your site.

Offpage SEO use in accordance to your website where you implement each category and subcategory caption caption, and keywords so. (metatagy) which should be relevant.

They would then write lyrics extensive customer what they say something a person who is engaged in copywriting must empathize with the role of the customer or client and be able to sense his needs.

Graphics = My great hobby always with graphics so I can play that looks stunning and professional

I do banners large sizes – small size

I can through banners sell your product!

PR articles = PR article writing get backlinks for your site option agreement Writing PR articles.

All negotiated agreement with me and.

Benefits Why choose me?

+ We propose a solution that both sides were satisfied (I only work on contract – I will also accept HPP brigades).

+ You do not have to pay the company you cheating and the results are negligible.

+ Manipulate Editing PHP, HTML, HTML5, Editing FLASH, SQL, XML, Editing CSS, jQuerry, JavaScript

+Graphics (corel, photoshop, illustrator)

+Trained to seoš

+ network Management setting up DNS domains and not the problem

I provide consultations.

+ Copywriter

+ system integration Link your accounting system (peace, S3 Money….) your online store.

Graphics gift vouchers to shop



Name: Martin Strnad

Telephone: 723 910 451

Personal contact only in Prague
Microsoft Server Virtualization
Certifikát Virtualizace Microsoft
Microsoft Identity Management and Access Control
Správa identit a řízení přístupu
System and Application Integration